Get featured on Forbes, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo News, AP, Bloomberg

It’s a thrilling experience to see the name of your brand on a large publication for the first time. As your article goes live, you anticipate all the good things that come with being published by a large media outlet. Your hard work has finally paid off.

Then again, you might not be at that stage yet. You might wonder whether it’s worth aiming for those big publications. Once you get accepted, what happens next?

Here are one of the most important benefits to getting featured in a large publication:

1. You get more readers, which means more clients.
A large publication, by nature, has a lot of readers. When your work is more visible, more readers can learn about what you do. Some become dedicated followers and eventually some become clients. The results of posting an article on a large publication are ten to a hundred times greater than posting on a small, niche site.

There are a couple caveats though. First, the publication should be a fit with the topic you write about. For instance, a publication targeting fitness-oriented readers is going to respond more positively to an article about food and exercise, while a business publication is more likely to talk about startup life and entrepreneurship.

2. You establish instant credibility.
Trust is difficult to acquire, especially in the Internet age. So how do you develop instant credibility? By letting others know who or what you associate with.

Think about it: Who would you warm up to, a stranger or a stranger who’s associated with something familiar? Of course the second one would win. It’s similar to how you feel when you learn someone went to the same school or is a member of the same organization.

Contributing to large publications means that your work has been vetted by authority sources. When people look up your name or your company, what do they see? If recognizable sites such as Entrepreneur or Forbes show up, your work is taken much more seriously.

You can also mention on your site and profiles where you’ve been featured to provide credibility.

3. You get featured on other publications more easily.
Once you get featured on a large publication, it becomes easier to get featured on other large publications. Why?

Because when one publication accepts your work, you can show your past articles to another large publication. The second publication sees that someone has vetted your work, you know how to write for large sites, and you can comfortably work with editors. Basically, you’re a safer bet than someone who hasn’t been featured on large outlets before.

What kind of articles are not allowed to get published and featured?
Legal press releases that do not include verifiable case and docket information
​​​​Online gambling website
​​​​​Stock promotions or advisory
​​​​​​Press releases that include registered trademarks not owned by the company releasing the news
​​​​Articles that are written in a slanderous light toward a company, individual or product
​​​​​Press releases that are written mainly as advertisements and do not contain news worthy content
​​​​​Adult topics
​​​​​​Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) promotions
​​​​Inappropriate Use of Language
​​​​Alcohol/Illicit Drugs/Tobacco
How long does it take before the news are distributed?
All the news are generally published within 24- 72 hours of submission. Distribution is based on the package you purchase. Faster turnaround is available with the purchase of our 24 hours news distribution upgrade. All the press releases submitted on Fridays will be released the following Monday.

Tips for Creating an Eye Catching Press Release
Stand out headlines are important
Press releases should be 400 words minimum
Including a city, state, and a category with releases can help improve search-ability
Content should be original
If your press release is about Health supplements Product Reviews: